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Global Mindset

Yağmaksan carries out its thinking, working and cooperation activities for its strategic structure with global understanding. In this context, Yağmaksan is carrying out high-quality work that can meet customer requirements at world standards and international level in all stages of production. Valuing the diversity and learning on a global basis, the company is progressing with the vision of becoming a leader in its operation areas where there is a clear consciousness of change.


Quality and Customer-Focused Teamwork

Yağmaksan, together with all its employees, has adopted the principle of working with a strategy that aims to be responsible for quality and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest levels. In this context, we are working to provide a better-quality service by increasing our production skills and technical competencies through continuous training.


Sustainable Productivity

With the aim of creating a balance between rising costs and competitive prices in the world market, Yağmaksan has established an in-house productivity centre and has always worked in order to continuously improve productivity and efficiency, thus providing the most economical solutions to its customers.


Innovative and Progressive Customer-Focused Approach

Not avoiding any required investment, Yağmaksan always adopts a progressive and innovative understanding in collaboration with its customers in order to be able to work harmoniously with its current customers and to meet all the needs of them. Therefore, we are proud to ensure customer satisfaction by manufacturing high-quality products and providing services for European and world leading companies and brands.


Our responsibilities

Aiming to provide the continuity of customer satisfaction with the quality of its products and services, Yağmaksan embraces the use of the resources in the most productive way, considering the regulations of quality, environment, occupational health and safety as a company policy and social responsibility, and acts with this consciousness.