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In addition, AS9100 Aviation Management System will be acquired by our company very soon.


YAĞMAKSAN YAĞLILAR MACHINERY INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY; in the activities of “Production of Various Mechanical Components oriented to Metal Cutting for Automotive, Machinery and Other Industries”,

Using developing and up-to-date technologies, providing services and products that meet customer expectations by exceeding are comprise the basis of YAGMAKSAN's sense of quality. The main principles of Quality Policy have been determined in line with the basic practices in our quality assurance system which enables this understanding to turn into a competitive power.


YAĞMAKSAN; undertakes to improve the quality of products and services in accordance with the requests of our customers, by establishing management systems proper to legal conditions and applicable conditions of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems, by continuous revisions of policies. Yağmaksan undertakes to ensure understanding by transmitting this to employees.

YAĞMAKSAN's employees and management are loyal to the following policy principles:

The Quality and Automotive Policy established was provided to the interested parties' access.


YAGMAKSAN; undertakes to provide understanding for the quality of its products and services  in accordance with the demands of the customers , by setting up management systems compatible with the feasible conditions of the standards of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and  IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management Systems and legal conditions , reviewing the policies continuously and  sharing them with the workers.


As YAĞMAKSAN; our goal is within awareness of our responsibility to the environment, protecting the environment from the possible effects of our products and services, creating programs for this purpose, improving our environmental performance continuously by setting goals and objectives, using our resources without disturbing natural balances and without polluting by complying with the relevant environmental legislation.


In order to protect the environment in line with this principle, Yağmaksan has determined the following headings:

Announcing our environmental policy to our customers, suppliers, employees and all interested parties, to keep it open and to contribute to the creation of environmental awareness in related parties.


YAĞMAKSAN accepts human as the most valuable asset in all its activities and adopts as a priority business target to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment.

As a requirement of this policy, it has established the following basic principles:

The success of working conditions and occupational safety management is based on having individual and community safety awareness. Everyone is responsible for ensuring their own safety by using the necessary safety equipment, by following the rules and by contributing to the prevention of risks.

There are no work accidents that cannot be prevented if necessary precautions are taken. Physical security and being healthy is the most natural right of our employees. Security is a way of behavior. We must adopt behaving safely as a way of life both in and outside the company and apply it in every area of life.

“Production in a safe environment and under suitable working conditions is an indispensable element of achieving the goals of quality, profitability and growth.”


YAGMAKSAN; workers and management cadres are faithful to the following policy principles:: 

The established Quality and Automotive Policy has been provided in accordance with the access of interested parties. 


YAĞMAKSAN YAĞLILAR MACHINERY AND INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY; in the activities of “Production of Various Mechanical Components oriented to Metal Cutting for Automotive, Machinery and Other Industries’’;

Since our establish, we as YAĞMAKSAN YAĞLILAR MACHINERY AND INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY have been maintaining and conducting our policies, vision, mission, main strategies and honesty principle without compromising. We are determined about asking our employees to apply this understanding.

YAĞMAKSAN YAĞLILAR MACHINERY AND INDUSTRY TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, regardless of its position within the organizational structure, no one can go beyond our policies and adopts the following principles:


Our company which acts with the principle of "Human at First" at every stage of production and management commits;

Acting in accordance with the principles of employing children and young workers. Not employing workers under the age of 18,

Not to employ forced, involuntary workers or workers that bound with contract,

Adopting a proactive approach based on risk analysis and adopting a working system that prioritizes occupational health and safety for all employees,

To employ employees on the basis of their ability to perform work; to not employ employees by race, color, language, ethnicity, political opinion, marital status, age, pregnancy or gender; also realising remuneration, social assistances and promotions in this direction,

Respecting the personality and dignity of each employee, not allowing corporate punishment, and not allowing verbal, physical or psychological harassment or coercion,

Complying with the laws and obligations in force in the determination of working hours and complying with the principle of volunteering for overtime,

Complying with environmental legislation in force, preventing environmental pollution according to environmental extent and impact assessment and reducing pollution at its source,

Complying with all applicable local and international legislation on customs, taking measures compatible with these legislation and taking measures to prevent illegal shipment of the products it produces,

Ensuring that there are no unreported goods (narcotic drugs, explosives, biological substances and contraband goods) in their loading that violate security,

Evaluating the social compliance activities of the supplier companies, monitoring the evaluation results with action plans and gradually increasing the social compliance levels,

Conducting, maintaining and improving the social compliance, occupational health and safety and environmental management activities under a management system that complies with laws in force and regulations and customers' code of conduct and SA 800 Management System Standard that voluntarily applied.