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Our mission

"To achieve sustainable growth with our customers and employees."

As YA─×MAKSAN, we adopt innovation to meet increasing and changing customer expectations every day and keep quality and production standards at the highest level. Actively pursuing customer expectations in the sector in which we operate, we act with the mission of designing, producing and putting into use our products with our advanced technology, environment-friendly and energy saving infrastructure. As YA─×MAKSAN, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and to become the leader of the sector on the basis of corporate identity and customer satisfaction


Our vision

"To be a leader in the sector in which we operate by continuously increasing customer satisfaction."

To be a pioneer in the machining industry sector with innovative, researcher, developer and perfectionist management policy, customer satisfaction-oriented systematic studies in every field from production to human resources, customer relations to market expectations, subsidiary industry to technological developments. To create value for our customers in the direction of changing demands in world market, to respond to the expectations with stability and quality, to be a symbol for trust and to build a brand under this understanding. To contribute to the world economy and speed up social development by creating more jobs every day.