Why Yağmaksan;

  • High growth potential
  • Superior and constant improvement in operational performance
  • Commitment to corporate management and social responsibility principles
  • Strategies and policies applied

Composed of successful and competent professionals who will provide sustainable growth, Yağmaksan is the most preferred company that aims to be the ideal institution whose employees are proud of being part of it.

The understanding of human resources management includes proactively responding to the specific needs of different sectors of business, as well as the creation of approaches and practices to support strategic goals and performance.

Human resources policies are determined to provide flexibility to the company's specific circumstances and needs. The main objective in the formation of these policies is to establish a basic understanding of practice and priorities for the management of human resources Yağmaksan.

The principle of human resource policy has been adopted to incorporate the qualified young people and experienced professionals into our company, to make investment for fair wage policy, continuous development of employees, to ensure continuity of working peace and to be objective and transparent in all applied human resources practices. Within the framework of these policies, by determining the candidates who are qualified for their jobs, assessing their competencies in a non-discriminatory manner, it is ensured that our employees enjoy equal opportunities throughout their working lives.

It is our principle to behave fairly and with good intentions in all our relationships, to always comply with legal and ethical rules.