Customer Satisfaction Policy

YAGMAKSAN; workers and management cadres are faithful to the following policy principles:: 

  • To develop value added products and services, 
  • By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, put it at the focus of the activity area, 
  • To maintain the professional ethics and code of conduct, 
  • To create an efficient and safe workplace and working conditions for workers, 
  • To raise awareness of employees' contribution to the process and to provide team spirit,  
  • To reduce the costs of all processes and use resources efficiently, 
  • To strengthen and protect the brand image, 
  • To provide the continuity of products and services, 
  • To comply with the expectations and laws of the parties concerned, 
  • To set measurable targets, 
  • To ensure the company values are assimilated by all employees and creating permanent values of the working culture, 
  • To produce new ideas and projects constantly, 

The established Quality and Automotive Policy has been provided in accordance with the access of interested parties.