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Our production department is comprised of professional staff who are in an effort to present the desired quality to the customers on time and at the most reasonable cost by performing perfect production in a closed area of 9,000 m² with the lines of raw materials and semi-finished products, cutting, processing, welding and assembly, painting, quality control tests and packaging.

The three basic headings of our production system based on operational stability can be summarized as follows:

1. Just-in-Time Manufacturing and Logistics

2. Machine-Human Adaptation

3. Continuous Improvement


Just-in-Time Manufacturing: To manufacture the desired products in a timely and complete manner according to the orders from our customers by putting the quantity and variety in a balanced and certain production order.

Machine - Human Adaptation: - The purpose of Machine-human adaptation is to ensure a good harmony between machine and human and to produce quality during the production process and to manufacture high-quality products while protecting human power.

Continuous Improvement: Improvement is a life philosophy in Yağmaksan. With the idea of ​​"there is always space for improvement,” the current situation is always examined and aimed to be improved.




By means of an approach that supports innovative and progressive thinking, Yağmaksan conducts various research and development activities in order to contribute to the world and the country's economy, with its professional staff and knowledge coming from the past.

For this reason, within the scope of "R&D and Productivity Centre";

• Project Management and Feasibility

• Design and Finite Element Analysis

• Advanced Product and Prototype Production

• Process Development (Equipment Preparation)

• Conducting studies on the tests.


Engineering and Development Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Complete Machine Design, System, subsystem and part design, Mechanical Design and mechanism design, product tree and assembly drawings, manufacturing, welding and tolerance displays, data conversion between CAD systems.


Value Engineering

• Data collection and competition analysis.

• Weight and cost reduction analysis.

• Improvement Studies for subsidiary industry and suppliers.


Productivity Centre

• Efforts to increase the efficiency of suppliers and subsidiary industry